QUALYCERT in brief

General project Goals

Enhancing the system of quality assurance (QA) at participating universities
The project aims at the implementation of a quality assurance system, which might suit as frame of reference both nationally and regionally, at the participating partner universities.
Developing criteria and methods of QA
Criteria and methods, which answer to both the various national standards for quality assurance systems in the EU and especially to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), will be developed. Quality assurance is defined here in a broad sense, and includes not only the structural premises of higher education but also the means, the structures of the curricula, and the levels of degrees in Tunisian HEI.
Introduction to European standards
The main long-term objective is the improvement of the higher education system in entire Tunisia in accordance to the goals of the Bologna principles. Despite noticeable efforts Tunisian HE still lacks a consistent and effective quality assurance system that can be recognized by European institutions.
Founding, equipping, and running of an agency and offices for QA
The specific goals are the foundation of an agency for certification and the implementation of a system for QA and certification at the participating universities.



Tunisian partners


EU Partners


Contract period and Budget

Budget including co-payment: around € 807.000